On Tuesday, November 6th, history was made again in the United States as President Barack Obama; the nation’s first African American president won a second term.  Despite the intended obstacles, voter suppression and long lines, Obama supporters came through for the president, enabling him to crush Romney’s electoral college vote as well as the popular vote.  This happened despite the fact that 59% of  the White vote went to Romney.  This is huge!  Wow!  Yes We Can!  And Yes We Did!  African Americans, Latinos, Asians and women came out in record numbers, even more than in 2008 to ensure President Barack Obama had 4 more years!  This election marks a pivotal point in history when the conservative far right was made to respect the changing demographics in America.

Thanks to President Obama, young children of any color can realistically dream of being President one day, knowing that if they work hard and stay the course anything is possible.  For those who have lived through the struggles of the Civil Rights Era and fought to make it possible for Barack Obama to have this honor, even more so than with Obama’s first term, with the re-election of the 1st Black president, they have been made whole.  With this re-election, “big Money” and its power brokers have been overthrown.  Separatism and classicism has been rejected and finally the country seems to be moving into a direction of tolerance and inclusiveness.   

It is moments like these that make you want to take a look back and see how far America has come. Yes. There is still work to do and things are a long way from perfect.  However, if you take a look at American history, from the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria (Christopher Columbus’ ships) to the White House, you will find African Americans have been there and have always played an active role in building this country.  It is wonderful to now see an African American rewarded for a job well done as leader of the free world.

The 47% has spoken!  Minority is the “New Majority,” and with this election hopefully all will realize the power of their voices and strength of their convictions to move the needle.  There is nothing more ironic and laughable than hearing Donald Trump making a mockery of the Civil Rights Movement calling for a “Revolution” and a “March On Washington” as he realized he and his kind no longer have the power to effect the outcome of presidential elections.  Even with all of the billions spent by the White power structure to defeat Barack Obama,  “we the people” stood strong and rendered an resounding NO!  Not this time.

Although, to Trump a victory for Barack Obama signifies how divided our county is, in reality the converse is actually true.  A victory for Barack Obama shows how far America has come to meet in the middle for the betterment of all and not just a few.  Together it was Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Men, Women, Straight, Gay, young and old who were responsible for rewarding President Re-Elect, Barack Obama with this victory. Together we stood, and sorry Mr. Trump divided you failed.