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Jill Scott Responds To Tweets About Leaked Nude Pics!

    On Wednesday, September 3rd, nude pics of Jill Scott began floating around the internet and social media. Jill did not confirm whether or not she is among the 100 plus celebrities whose nude private pics were recently leaked on the internet by an Apple IPhone hacker.   However, she did admit to taking one of the pictures, “I def took the 1st pic w/ a robe; weight loss chronicle but the 2nd, sorry freaks, is not me.  I wish I had that space between my thighs.” Who doesn’t love Ms. Jilly from Philly’s  response and better yet the...

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup Is Over… But Does America Still Have Soccer Fever?

    Soccer or should we say football or futbol as it is known as in all other countries but the United States has long been the world’s chosen pass time sport…again with the exception of the U.S.  Since 1994, when the U.S., hosted the FIFA World Cup, Americans have begun to slowly embrace the sport. ‘‘FIFA President Joao Havelange was bidding to conquer football’s final frontier and it proved the right decision with the event attracting a record total attendance of 3,587,538 spectators.” Can you believe there was no professional U.S. soccer league at the time? Additionally, the United...

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Study Abroad and Broaden Your Educational Experience!

  There are several reasons why a study abroad program can be beneficial to a student. First, there is the obvious; the excitement of traveling to another country alone is enough to have most immediately packing their bags. Second, studying abroad offers an opportunity to experience a new and different culture, thus developing a more worldly view, an important quality in today’s global environment. Depending on your location choice, you might also get the chance to tour neighboring countries on your off time (weekends and vacations). Who knows? You may even learn a new language! Being multilingual is a...

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5 UConn Greek Organizations In Hazing Trouble …2 Banned!!!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and sister sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma were both banned from the University of Connecticut campus earlier this month. UConn sophomore and Kappa Kappa Gamma member Hillary Holt says she and others were taken to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon  fraternity house on March 6 and forced to commit humiliating acts, including being told to lie on the floor and pretend to “sizzle like bacon.”   She said she was then pressured to drink alcohol to the point of passing out. Holt later woke up in a hospital with a blood-alcohol-level nearly three times the legal limit...

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