The new Laibox Cam, a modular action camera introduced on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, shows lots of potential and threatens to give popular action cameras like GoPro’s HERO 5 Black a run their money.


The Laidbox Cam is about half the height of an iphone and will fit in the palm of your hand. However, in this case, size doesn’t matter. The Laibox Cam is packed full of features that your smartphone may not be equipped to handle.  For the true selfie enthusiast or social savant who wants capture and share life’s best moments with ease, starting at just $139, Liabox Cam may just be your fix!

camera gif

Simply by popping on and off different lenses, the Laibox Cam has the ability to capture a variety of different types of shots and angles.  See examples below.

For an added plus over the competition, the Laibox Cam features a flip-out screen rather than a rear-facing LCD.  In case you’re pointing the camera at yourself, this helps take the guesswork out of knowing what you are shooting by letting you see exactly where you are aiming.

flip out screen

As for the other technical stuff, Laibox Cam has that covered also. See below for included features…


Furthermore, the Laibox Cam and GoPro HERO 5 Black share the same type of batteries. This makes for easy access as there are already several aftermarket options.

Lastly, as the camera is still in prototype mode and under development, a touchscreen has not yet been added.  Therefore, if you don’t want to go the “old school” route and just push the buttons, there is a handy remote control app that works with your smartphone.

phone remote

If you fancy yourself an early adapter, you can put your bid in for this nifty gadget HERE on the Indiegogo page.  Expected delivery is April 2018.  Happy Hunting!