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College Bucket List

Explore Your College City or Town! 1. At least once a month, explore your college city or town. Find cool things to see and do. Check the community papers for fun activities. Sites like CraigsList, Groupon and Living Social are great sources as well. Also scout out your local parks and recreation centers for fun community attractions and activities. Throw A Theme Party! 2. Throw a hot party and be sure to invite everyone you don’t know but want to meet. Theme parties are always a hit for generating excitement and enthusiasm. Toga parties, pajama parties and decade parties...

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Alabama A&M Univ Fights To Be Removed From A ‘Most Dangerous College Campuses’ List and Wins!

Recently, ranked HBCU Alabama A&M University No. 2 in the country on a list of Top of 25 Dangerous College Campuses.  According to the website, this list was compiled based on data from the Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Data crime database. University President Andrew Hugine caught wind of the list, pointed out the discrepancies in the reporting and threatened to take legal action in an open letter on the Alabama A&M website. “At the outset, let me say emphatically that the report is inaccurate, misleading, headline sensationalism and based on a flawed methodology…With respect to Alabama A&M University,...

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Panthers QB Cam Newton On Track To Recieve His Bacheleors Degree From Auburn University In May

      Cam Newton is back in school at Auburn University and has been taking courses towards a sociology degree for the past three semesters during his off season, causing a bit of a stir on campus.   However, the campus is not new to the pro-baller.  As a matter of fact, Newton led Auburn to a 52–3 victory over the University of Louisiana-Monroe, a 56–17 victory over the University of South Carolina and eventually to their first SEC Championship since 2004, which they also won 11-0 over the University of Georgia. All these victories occured in 2010, which...

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The New Sexual Revolution On Campus

As her guest to President Obama’s State of the Union on January 20th, Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) invited Emma Sulkowicz, a Columbia University student who as a performance art piece, has been carrying around her dorm-room mattress to symbolize the weight that sexual assault bears on her daily life.  Sulkowicz’s “performance” has encouraged her peers to ask themselves whether they are going to watch her struggle alone or help her carry the weight. Over the past few months, she has not only brought widespread attention to her plight, but inspired many national news outlets and public figures to consider the countless other survivors who are often burdened with silence, shame and/or flat-out suspicion from their...

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A History of Latino Greet Letter Organizations

        As Latino Greek- letter organizations (LGLOs) continue to spread across campuses, two questions continue to arise: Who are Latino Greeks? And where did they come from? With over 30 nationally recognized organizations, and many more recognized locally, questions of the origin of LGLOs remain unknown to some and a debate to others. Latino Greek- letter organizations found their inception within student clubs at two different universities. In 1898 a student club under the name of Union Hispano Americana was formed at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY. In 1919 the organization was transformed to a...

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