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Common and Not-So-Common Resume Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

When submitting your resume for a job position, you obviously want to make yourself stand out from the crowd. However, just make sure you’re standing out for the right reasons. In a study by Harris Interactive, commissioned by, surveyed 2,076 hiring managers and human-resource professionals and 2,999 workers across industries. The study uncovered some pretty interesting resume mistakes that surely cost candidates the job. Take a gander at some of the most outrageous finds below. »Resume listed objective as, “to work for someone who is not an alcoholic with three DUIs like my current employer” »Resume listed the...

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Resume Workshop

Your resume is your best foot forward in getting to the next step in the hiring process.  Corporate recruiters give advice on putting together a winning resume and warn of red flags that may cause your resume to sit on the bottom of the pile.  Check out what they have to say below for help with building resume that will stand out from the competition. 1. Al Reid Abbot Laboratories - Divisional Vice President Corporate Development 1. Typo Are No No’s! Proof, re-proof and re-proof your resumes. Whether it’s misspelled words or punctuation. Typos are no-no’s! 2. Be Descriptive Be...

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