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“I don’t know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag as a child’, her mother said before hanging up.” -Morris, Alex “The For-Saken” (Rolling Stone) A year ago, I lost my middle daughter; she was gay. When our children are born we promise them unconditional love. Once she came out to the family, my love for her became conditional. It was a very confusing period for me and caused a severe strain in our relationship. To overcome this state of confusion, I took inventory of my life and thought of all the gay...

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John Legend Challenges You To Take The Leap!

In the midst of an award season campaign for the song “Glory” off of the sound track for the movie Selma,  c0-written by and featuring rapper Common, John Legend, has teamed up with AXE® White Label Collective to develop a mentorship program — which spans music and style, and is dedicated to giving up-and-coming artists and creators the tools needed to take their talents to the next level. The multiple Grammy Award winning artist is inviting aspiring musicians to submit a YouTube video of an original performance on for the chance to work with him.  Five participants will...

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Getting High: Cringe Worthy Video of Dare Devils Atop Some of The Highest Points Known To Man

In this edition of Random News the folks over at compiled a collection of thrill seeking selfie stick wielding adventurists scaling everything from some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers to some of the highest bridges and more.   Two guys on the Russky Bridge, which was built across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait (connecting Vladivostok, Russia with Russky Island) to serve the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in 2012. The highest point of the bridge is 1,053 ft (320.9 m) Climbing the 577 ft (176 m) tall Kotelnicheskaya Enbankment Building, one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters skyscrapers in Moscow, Russia, climbed...

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The Game Of Life And How You Play It With Video Game Critic Cara Ellison

“You need all your own napalm. Don’t waste any trying to help out people who don’t care about you. You will need the fuel to help people who love you and to cut your way through a lot of bullshit.“ Freelance game critic and UK based writer, Cara Ellison; is another millennial who decidedly paved her own way in the world through nontraditional means turning her voracious love for video games into a career that allows her to follow her passion doing what she craves. Having had enough of her gig on the QA team for GTAIV at Rockstar...

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27 Powerful Images That Show How Smartphones Are Ruining Our Lives  shares images that show how smartphones are ruining our lives and how constant connectivity actually leads to a disconnection with the people and things that are literally and physically right in front of, next to and in front of us. 2. Renn   Liam Walsh 3. jokideo 4. gocomics 5. Manu Cornet 6. Angel Boligan 7. jhallcomics 8. explosm 9. BoredPanda 10. BoredPanda 11. NAF 12. socialhermit 13. bizarrocomics 14. Liam Walsh 15. bizarrocomics 16. thedoghousediaries 17. Cote 18. Creators Syndicate 19. bizarrocomics 20. 21. Lee 22. speedbump 23. theoatmeal 24. Stephenbyme 25. forlackofabettercomic 26. jeffreyhill.typepad 27....

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