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You Are What You Tweet !

Speak now and the Library of congress will forever hold your Tweets. Twitter has donated all public tweets since its inception in 2006 to The Library of Congress which will archive them along with all future public tweets.  According to Bill Lefurgy from the Library of Congress, the archive will not contain tweets that users flag as private. However, any and all public tweets are fair game. This includes the vast majority of over 50 million tweets, which are processed daily. “The Twitter digital archive has extraordinary potential for research into our contemporary way of life,” said Librarian of...

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Apple Education Event

Poised to reinvent education, Apple is on a mission to merge education and the interactive digital experience. With the goal of putting an iPad in every student’s hand, Apple strives to make paperbound textbooks a thing of the past.  To help foster this effort, in January Apple launched a new iTunes U, iBooks Author, and iBooks 2.   iTunes U For those with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, iTunes U is sure to please with its free interactive courses from colleges and universities including Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Duke to name a few.  Subject matter covers the gamut from...

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Hot Dots: Best Websites for College Students Is a website that creates bibliographies with a few short entries.  This is a great time saving tool, especially when you’ve pulled an “all-nighter” and no longer have the brainpower for the tedious task of formatting all of your source information. The website allows you to enter source information and will automatically output an appropriate citation for your bibliography in MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian format. From there cut and paste. It’s that simple. GradeGuru is a free note sharing network and operates like an online study group.  Students can find class specific study materials from...

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