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Dick Gregory goes in on Spike Lee, calling him a punk and thug.  Spike Lee let it be known that he was not in support of the movie “Django Unchained.”  When asked about he movie, Lee commented, “All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors.  That’s just me…I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody else.”  Lee admitted that he hadn’t and didn’t plan on seeing the movie.  Rumor has it that Spike was irritated at the use of the N-word, which was said to have been used 118 times throughout the movie.

Seems that Dick Gregory, agrees with those who contend that the use of the word today by African Americans takes the power out of word.  We have to  admit, we were kind of confused as to Spike’s issues.  If it is a movie about slavery and truly done in a historical context,  if the word nigger is not all up and through there, it just wouldn’t be an accurate depiction.   Since this is the case, the use of the N-word is appropriate to properly depict the sentiment of that period in history.

In fact, once people who now use the word gratuitous in everyday conversation have an opportunity to view the movie, perhaps  they will recall the degradation that was employed when slave owners and handlers used the N-word and perhaps they will recall the self-hatred that was displayed when the word was used by Samuel L. Jackson’s character and just maybe they will think twice and use a different word.  Then again, maybe not.   Check out the video from below….