Dream Hampton writer, co-author of Jay-Z’s book  “Decoded” former editor of The Source magazine, contributing writer for Vibe, Uptown, Essence, Harper’s Bazaar and others quits twitter over the criticism of her teenage daughter.  After posting a photo of her daughter and Beyonce’  backstage at the Reveal show to her private Facebook page, somehow that photo ended up on twitter. Why is that such a big deal you ask?  Well, crazed Beyonce’ fans proceeded to – for no go reason –  “go in” on Hampton’s daughter (jealous haters, no doubt).  Although clearly Hampton’s daughter is a beautiful young women not at all deserving of this type of ridicule, that didn’t stop Queen Bee fans from calling her ugly and then blurring out her face altogether.   Upon discovering the twitter post, Hampton like a lioness protecting her cub swiftly confronted the culprit via twitter, basically saying WTF!  The guilty party retaliated with a “Oh No You Didn’t” and from there things went from bad to worse.  Although Hampton has threatened to divorce twitter before, this time, eventually one Dream Hampton against literally thousands of  ill rational Beyonce’ fans proved to be too much to bare.  Therefore, we bid Hampton a bitter sweet adieu (for real this time).  For a complete account of the events as they happened and full explanation for her twitter departure check out Madame Noire for the full story.

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