In this edition of Random News the folks over at compiled a collection of thrill seeking selfie stick wielding adventurists scaling everything from some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers to some of the highest bridges and more.

Dudes on Skyscraper


Two guys on the Russky Bridge, which was built across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait (connecting Vladivostok, Russia with Russky Island) to serve the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in 2012. The highest point of the bridge is 1,053 ft (320.9 m)

Climbing the 577 ft (176 m) tall Kotelnicheskaya Enbankment Building, one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters skyscrapers in Moscow, Russia, climbed in 2012

On a rusty bridge, Kiev, Ukraine, 2012


If you’re not queezy yet, for more head on over to iO9 for the full show.