According to TMZ in order to avoid criminal charges and more jail time, Chris Brown may pay off  the guy in DC who claims Chris broke his nose.  Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos is said to be trying to work something out with the lawyer for said plaintiff.   If Geragos is successful in getting a civil settlement, the DC Prosecutor may no longer pursue criminal charges.  At this point, this would be the best case scenario as it would mean that Chris Brown will no longer be facing probation violation for Rihanna battery case.

Also according to , Chris Brown claims he’s  finally scared straight  with sources reporting Chris says he feels like “a caged animal,” and called jail the, “worst experience of  his life.”   Ahhhh, ya think!!!

Reports say Brown is in solitary confinement 23 hours a day and only allowed to shower every two days.
On a lighter note, if all works out with the DC case and criminal charges are dropped Brown could be out of jail as early as next week rather than having to wait for the scheduled DC court date on April 23rd, 2014.  However, if there is no deal for a civil settlement in the DC case and Chris is found guilty, that would be a definite violation of probation in the Rihanna case and could land Mr. Brown in prison for real.