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This week Marie Claire magazine, tweeted a photo of vacationing Kendal Jenner with side cornrows and called it “Bold and Epic.” Really? It seems an ongoing occurrence, that a hairstyle with roots dating back to the continent of Africa is credited as bold and epic when when someone like Kendal Jenner adorns herself with this same hairstyle that you can see on any given street in, any urban community, on any given day.  Similar to Bo Derek rocking cornrows in 1979 or Heidi Klum last year on a Bahamas vacation,  now it’s Kendal Jenner who all of a sudden takes a traditional cultural African hairstyle to a  “bold and new epic level”.   it’s curious how, the very same cornrows African-American women have sued employers for right to wear, can be made deemed the “next level” when worn by someone like Kendel Jenner.


In 1979 Bo Derek’s “Bold and Epic,” new hairstyle

To add insult to injury, this all happened in the same week the military placed a ban on cornrows and twist, worn mostly by African American women. I guess they have no clue that with no access to a perm or proper haircare products, the alternative to un-chemically processed hair without the ability to wear cornrows or twists would be an AFRO, plain and simple. What then? Is that what they want? Will they then ban the that too?  Will they tell black women you have to perm your natural hair and make it straight to conform to military standards in order to defend your country?


Anyway, back to Kendal Jenner.  As the saying goes, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.   However, as evidenced  Black Twitter  clapping back, seems the slap in the face is when the copycat is credited as the originator because Twitter blew up with replies from people expressing their displeasure to Marie Claire’s declaration,

“Kendall Jenner takes bold braids to an epic new level,”

Needless to say an apology was soon be forthwith also in the form of a tweet saying simply,

“We didn’t mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new. Our tweet was poorly worded.”

Lesson — try to be a little more culturally sensitive when speaking to a whole world of diverse individuals, do your research and think before you tweet!

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