Manifest Magazine – The College Students’ Definitive Guide to Mitigating Real Life

Manifest Magazine Feb/March/April

With college campuses across America as a backdrop, Manifest chronicles lifestyle, politics, business, entertainment, sports and education; covering the breadth and depth of issues of interest and importance to a generation of often overlooked cross-cultural college and university students.

Serving as a portal for this valuable audience, Manifest delivers authentic, in-depth, intelligent, provocative and well-written content that is meant to inform, inspire and entertain.  

Manifest is the uninhibited voice of a generation of techno-savvy, politically aware, digital natives looking to secure their futures as they transition from dependents to responsible adults. Striking a perfect balance between smart, sexy and cool, Manifest seeks to serve as a guide to students crossing the middle passage into the real world, with information, tools, and resources to help them Manifest their best lives.

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