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Remember Tiara Thomas? Indianapolis native, Tiara teamed up with Wale in 2013 to write and perform hit song “Bad, ‘the debut single on his “The Gifted” album which became his highest charting lead artist single peaking at 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Tiara’s first charting single.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TIIu9CERgI Bad video[/youtube]

This is certainly an accomplishment for a new artist, but the history of events that lead up to the collaboration between the two artists, which Tiara shared in a Billboard article, are even more fascinating. A chance meeting in an ATL club and fan photo request in 2009 led to an exchange of numbers. Shortly after their initial meeting and receiving a series of YouTube clips from Tiara, Wale reached out to her for help with his More About Nothing mixtape single, “The Cloud.”  Now that she had a foot in the door, the aspiring singer did not rest on her laurels. Combining her talent as a self-taught acoustic guitarist and song writer with an ingenious do over of one of her favorite songs “Some Cut” ‘by Trillville (which by the way she did herself) and voila,’ the beginnings of the “Bad” single.  Wale immediately put his stamp of approval on it with a text message, “Yo I just finished my first verse, is it dope?’  The rest is history.  As the saying goes, luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Two years, two labels and an EP later, the now independent artist Tiara is set to release a new acoustic 5-track project “Up In Smoke,” giving listeners a little taste of what she has to offer prior to the release of her debut album later this year.  Tiara tells MTV,

Up In Smoke” is a collection of music that shows different aspects of me. The songs represent the different things that I feel and a lot of people feel. Sometimes I feel sad and lonely, sometimes I feel sexy and open…sometimes I’m high.”

Check out her latest release, an acoustic version of “How It Is.”