Ufot Ekong is a Nigerian super student who attended Tokai University in Tokyo, Japan of all places and recently graduated with honors receiving the highest GPA anyone has ever achieved in over 50 years, since 1965!   Studying robotics and electrical engineering, in true Good Will Hunting fashion, in his first semester at the university Ekong managed to solve a mathematical equation that no one had succeeded with in over 30 years.  What’s even more amazing is that Ekong accomplished this all on his own dime, while holding down two jobs to pay his tuition.


ufot carAs his school project Ekong developed an electric car for which he holds two patents and while working on his PHD is currently moonlighting at Nissan.   Oh and there’s more…Ekong also excels in art and music with the saxophone being his instrument of choice, plus he speaks four languages including English, Yoruba, French and of course Japanese.  Impressive!