Residents Of Ferguson Continue To Call For Change Over Handling Of Michael Brown Shooting      15653014-mmmain

Although mainstream media has long since taken their lenses off Ferguson, Missouri, rapper and activist Talib Kweli and his Action Support Committee have remained steadfast in their efforts to support the local protesters.  Kweli established The Action Support Committee in response to the grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown.  Reminiscent of the NAACP civil rights lawyers that came to the aid of students and protesters during the 1956 Montgomery Bus Boycotts, this group which consist of artists, organizers and activists came together to create and administer grants to support the efforts of Ferguson activists.

“These are young men and women who have put their lives on hold to stand up for all of our freedoms,” Kweli said in a statement. “The overly militarized police force in Ferguson has attempted to criminalize them by harassing and throwing them in jail for exercising their right to peaceful protest. We hope these funds help to empower.”

The committee launched a Ferguson Defense Fund campaign on in October 2014 with a goal to raise $25,000. Well they kicked butt surpassing their goal by more than a hundred percent, raising a total of $112,052. According to a February 12th press release the funds will be dispersed as follows: