So Russell Simmons is apparently all in his feelings about media coverage of him and his young, mostly Caucasian dates since his divorce from x-wife Kimora Lee Simmons.  Seems Simmons is a bit perturbed at the media always focusing on his dates rather than his deeds.  


In a post on his website Simmons authors a post titled “The Geritol Pimp by Russell Simmons.”  In the post Simmons defends his dating saying, “Life’s too short to be a hermit! What they never report is I have, in actuality, only had three girlfriends, whom my kids have met (Porschla Coleman, Julie Henderson and Melissa George) and an exclusive romance with Noemie Lenoir,  since my divorce from Kimora seven years ago.”  


Simmons understands everyone loves gossip, but wishing sometimes the spotlight would be shown on some of the more important issues with which he is involved,  like campaigning for President Barack Obama and using his power and influence to urge everyone to get out and vote!  Read Simmons full post at