Earlier this month during the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES 2018), Samsung Electronics revealed the seven company supported startups created by Samsung employees.  The companies will be spun off from the company’s C-Lab (Creative Lab).   Including these seven businesses, a total of 32 C-Lab alumni startups have been created as a result of Samsung’s commitment to investing in employee-driven innovation and developing a startup ecosystem.

The newest 7 startups selected for investment  were based on their business potential and contribution to innovation and are as follows:


  • Hyperity – A VR/AR solution to remotely control smartphones and desktops through virtual screens without a physical monitor


  • Linkface – A unique VR solution that can detect eye and facial muscle movement and let users directly control VR content


  • PIXELRO – A smartphone-based solution to provide a vision correction solution to presbyopia, replacing regular eyeglasses


  • BlueFeel – A personal portable air purifier that doesn’t block the user’s mouth, developed as a response to users who dislike the discomfort of regular dust masks


  • Defind – A smart shoe matching service that carries out a 3D scan of a customer’s foot to enable them to buy shoes that fit perfectly


  • Soft Launch – A social media-based recommendation service for restaurants and stores aiming to combat fake reviews, and developed by employees from multiple Samsung affiliates


  • 1Drop – An ultra low-cost blood glucose measurement solution using LED and the camera of a smartphone

A Collaborative Approach

The prospective entrepreneurs were provided with intensive training and preparation on key aspects of running a business with the help of experts before launching their startups. They also engaged in various talk sessions with former colleagues with success spinning off businesses to obtain know-how.

“We have provided the support to establish 32 C-Lab alumni startups over the past two years and based on our valuable past experience, we are planning to build up a more profound and actionable program to nurture employees’ ideas and launch new startups,” said Jaiil Lee, Vice President and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics.

Created in December 2012, the C-Lab is an in-house startup incubation program that nurtures a creative organizational culture and innovative ideas among Samsung employees. The spin-off policy was introduced in 2015 and since its inception, C-Lab alumni startups have been striving to open a new startup ecosystem.