The fact that this country’s education system is in much need of repair is no mystery. New Jersey’s Senator Cory Booker has made this issue a priority. His focus has been unwavering and was evident long before he was elected the first African American Senator of New Jersey in 2013. Senator Booker’s achievements, unquestionably remarkable, coupled with his undying passion make him a stand out politician. He has been able to garner support from the likes of folk such as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Oprah Winfrey. True to form he ran for the senate on a platform that made sure the education reform conversation was brought to the table. Just before his election in a speech at Rider University in New Jersey, Senator Booker said,

“How can we have a democracy in which we create, in a sense, an educational apartheid, where kids born in certain zip codes get great educations and kids born in other zip codes are trapped in schools?”

Additionally, he continues to tackle issues like the high cost of college education and affirmative action. Senator Booker, who has become somewhat of celebrity, is popular with college students who represent current and future voters. He can boast an impressive over a million Twitter followers. Leveraging his army of younger voters and political influence should prove to be an asset as he continues to push his agenda to provide all access to quality education in his campaign for re-election this year. Read more about Senator Cory and his education reform efforts at Diverse: Issues In Higher Education.