Health does not always take its proper place on a college student’s list of priorities. Parties, exams, term papers and the whirlwind of the college experience can keep a student pretty busy. The good news is staying healthy on campus is really not that challenging. Here are few tips:


1. Checkout the Campus Health Center

Many campuses have health centers that provide students with basic services as part of tuition.  If it is available on your campus. Take advantage of this great resource.




2. Eat Breakfast

Start your day off right with a good meal when you wake up.   Breakfast is the fuel that gives you the energy to start your day and concentrate throughout the day.  It will also decrease the temptation for quick, unhealthy snacks later in the day.



3. Healthy Snacking

Trade in the candy bars and chips for fruits and raw vegetables.  Junk food is inexpensive and very accessible.  Of course, cheating every once in a while, won’t hurt.  If you want to avoid the “freshman fifteen”, or for that matter, the sophomore, junior or senior fifteen,  minimize eating foods that are high in carbs is a good start.


4. Exercise

Fit some form of exercising into your  schedule.  Most campuses give student free access to gym facilities, tracks and fitness classes as a part of tuition.  In addition to preventing weight gain,  exercise is also a great way to release stress and anxiety.



5. Sleep

Try to fit some sleep in between studying and clubbing.  Students who get an adequate amount of sleep are more alert and perform better in class and on exams.