HCA one of the nation’s first hospital companies and one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services made a huge $1 Million gesture this week.  On October 29th,  HCA gifted $1 Million in scholarships to Tennessee State University as a part of the companies “Caring for the Community” campaign.   HCA’s website states,

“Diversity and Inclusion at HCA is significant to our core business of delivering healthcare excellence. It involves the hearts and lives of our employees, our patients, and our communities. The following HCA Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement is a strong reminder that our strategy touches all facets of our company:  At HCA, we will provide culturally competent care to every patient we serve. We will foster a culture of diversity and inclusion across all areas of our company that embraces and enriches our workforce, physicians, patients, partners and communities.”

The amount of of $250,000 a year will go to Tennessee State’s College of Health Sciences in the form of scholarships for students in the health sciences discipline.

Kudos to HCA for putting its money where its mouth is!!!