Dear President Obama:


We need you to BRING IT in the next debate!  Where were you during this debate?  Why didn’t you challenge Mitt Romney on all the obvious points.  When talking about the economy and the middle class, why no mention of the 47%?   Why no mention of the college students who Mitt Romney suggested should borrow from Mom and Dad?  Why no mention of Mitt Romney telling people with no health insurance to go to an emergency room?


Mitt Romney was energized and feisty.  You Mr. President, were lethargic and fidgety.  This was clearly a missed opportunity to make clear your stance on social issues and to trumpet the concerns of the middle class who literally cannot afford to shoulder another “Bush like” era in government policy.  If we didn’t know the underlined meanings of Mitt Romney’s policy proposals, he just might have won us over.


Even if what Mitt Romney was saying was untrue or misleading , he made it sound good and was surprisingly relatable.  You Mr. President, seemed tired and lacked passion, zeal and zest.  Not good.  Therefore, we are going to need you to get it together and be the fighter we know you can be.  Although it was implied, why didn’t you point out that most of Mitt Romney’s retorts were focused on big business, business and more business, while you are focused on the American People?   At this stage in the game, there should be more concern placed on people sitting at kitchen tables versus people sitting at boardroom tables.  Why didn’t you make it more clear that less tax deductions for the middle class and everyday people is the equivalent to raising taxes? This would mean that tax payers would once again bail out and foot the bill for big business. Meanwhile, they get a free pass to print money by virtue of pocketing huge tax breaks.  Why didn’t you question whether the money saved on tax breaks for big business would trickle down by way of more jobs or if it would really in fact, trickle up by way of big bonuses for corporate officers the way it did under the last republican administration?


Big business owes the American people for miring us in this sludge ridden economy via corporate greed and deceitful unscrupulous tactics, not the other way around.  Mitt Romney made it clear that he pretty much believes the function of government should be to support big business, rather than support the American people.  We all heard Mitt Romney out of his own mouth say that his job is, “not to worry”  about what he believes is 47% people in this country who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. This means the 47% of the county he believes will vote for you Mr. President (code for mostly Black, Hispanic, LBGT and the working poor).  How could you let him get away without having to answer for that?  There could not have been a more opportune time to use this to your advantage and we are in shock and disbelief that you didn’t.  (Bill Clinton, would have got in that a*s!)


We understand that you have a country to run and that it’s been a tough four years.  We know that republicans took a blood oath the do everything in their power to see you fail.  So when Mitt Romney said, why did you push through “Obamacare” with no partisan support?  We wanted you to say something more like this,


“Because I am the President of The United States and my job is to do what is right by the American people not the Republican Party.  The American people deserve universal health care.  That’s what I believe, that’s what I fought for and I won. Why should we, the wealthiest and most powerful country on the planet not be able to provide for the health and well-being of our own citizens? Cancer should not have huge profit margins, it should have a cure.  So I took on the Republican Party and despite your opposition, Obamacare is a reality anyway.”  Checkmate!


Simply Mr. President, if your goal is to stay employed  in your current position, “we the people” need to see you energized and mobilized if you want us to follow suit.



Check out what Chris Matthews of MSNBC has to say about the debate.  We have to say we agree.  See video below ….